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Probation Violations

Posted by Elmer H.. Young | Jun 07, 2019 | 0 Comments

Georgia Code Title 42, Section 42-8-38

(a) Whenever, within the period of probation, a probation supervisor believes that a probationer under his supervision has violated his probation in a material respect, he may arrest the probationer without warrant, wherever found, and return him to the court granting the probation or, if under supervision in a county or judicial circuit other than that of conviction, to a court of equivalent original criminal jurisdiction within the county wherein the probationer resides for purposes of supervision. Any officer authorized by law to issue warrants may issue a warrant for the arrest of the probationer upon the affidavit of one having knowledge of the alleged violation, returnable forthwith before the court in which revocation proceedings are being brought.

(b) The court, upon the probationer being brought before it, may commit him or release him with or without bail to await further hearing or it may dismiss the charge. If the charge is not dismissed at this time, the court shall give the probationer an opportunity to be heard fully at the earliest possible date on his own behalf, in person or by counsel, provided that, if the revocation proceeding is in a court other than the court of the original criminal conviction, the sentencing court shall be given ten days´ written notice prior to a hearing on the merits.

(c) After the hearing, the court may revoke, modify, or continue the probation. If the probation is revoked, the court may order the execution of the sentence originally imposed or of any portion thereof. In such event, the time that the defendant has served under probation shall be considered as time served and shall be deducted from and considered a part of the time he was originally sentenced to serve.

(d) In cases where the probation is revoked in a county other than the county of original conviction, the clerk of court in the county revoking probation may record the order of revocation in the judge´s minute docket, which recordation shall constitute sufficient permanent record of the proceedings in that court. The clerk shall send one copy of the order revoking probation to the department to serve as a temporary commitment and shall send the original order revoking probation and all other papers pertaining thereto to the county of original conviction to be filed with the original records. The clerk of court of the county of original conviction shall then issue a formal commitment to the department.

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