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Drug Offenses

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Drug convictions can have lasting impacts that affect not only the person accused, but their family and loved ones as well. If convicted, you can face a lengthy incarceration, extensive fines, and even lose your job. You deserve a dedicated and experienced drug crime attorney on your side. State laws regarding drugs such as marijuana vary widely from state to state. Marijuana remains illegal in the state of Georgia, while other states have passed legislation decriminalizing the drug. Currently, it is a felony to be in possession of more than 1oz of marijuana. If convicted, you could be looking at several years in prison.

 Controlled Substances

If you are charged with the possession of a controlled substance or a drug DUI in Georgia, you could face harsh penalties depending on which specific drugs were involved. These penalties can have derail your future plans and shake up your entire life. If you have been charged with possession of a controlled substance, call Georgia Attorney Elmer Pete Young today. He will fight for your rights and ensure you get a fair trial.

Possession with intent to distribute

Depending on which drugs and how much is found and a few other important factors, you could be facing a very harsh sentence if convicted of possession with intent to distribute. Essentially, the sentence for a marijuana or prescription drug charge may not be the same as one involving cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, or crack. If the prosecution feels that the accused had intention to sell or distribute the drugs, penalties will be much more severe. These cases are complex as the prosecution must prove there was an intent to distribute. If you or a loved one is facing a possession with intent to distribute charge, don't wait – get intense defense today!

Honors & Recognition

Mr. Young's success in obtaining non-DUI dispositions in his DUI/DWI cases has earned him the respect of his peers and clients alike. He has earned a LegalMatch Five-Star rating and a coveted 10 Avvo Rating. His high ratings reflect his ability to help his clients.