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In all that was discussed about my case. The thing that I will never forget is the comfort that I immediately felt with my first encounter with Mr. Young (and this was only a phone conversation). He listened so intently to what my issue was. He never interrupted. He wholly allowed me to say everything that was on my mind, which was a lot due to the fact that I had just received notice of accusation. I was afraid of what he might say to all of the words that were spewing out of my mouth. I was highly upset and in tears, but when Mr. Young began to speak, the sound of his voice, somehow, made all of my insecurities begin to dissipate. He spoke like "Thunder". Not the scary crackle and Clap of thunder, but more like the a rolling , all encompassing thunder that eventually calmed, even the very core of, my being. By the end of conversation, I did not feel that "all hope was lost". I felt renewed, refreshed, and ready "Live On". I have been recommending Mr. Young to everyone I know who needs legal representation. THIS GUY IS FORREAL!

– Kacanda

Honors & Recognition

Mr. Young's success in obtaining non-DUI dispositions in his DUI/DWI cases has earned him the respect of his peers and clients alike. He has earned a LegalMatch Five-Star rating and a coveted 10 Avvo Rating. His high ratings reflect his ability to help his clients.