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Posted by Elmer H.. Young | May 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

       Welcome to that part of the world that I call mine. Could it be that what I've seen and heard, lived and felt contribute to that world you call yours? I don't know. That's certainly for you to decide. I'm hoping it will and you are welcome to share with me and others your decisions about such things.

       What I'll be attempting to do in the following blog articles is to provide my readers with valuable information regarding criminal laws, procedures and defenses that apply in the State of Georgia and perhaps even in your life or the life of a loved one.

       While there are literally hundreds of criminal statutes that are in the law books, A quick review of the actual docket books (think computer records) you will likely find that the majority of crimes being committed these days are only a small minority of all the crimes a person could commit. I say that, because I thinking it more important for readers to be familiar with and understand what crimes we might come into contact with most often. 

       I'll try to keep a simple, clear, and concise order and protocol in these articles. By "simple", I mean short. By "clear", I mean a common language explanation of the law and by "concise", I mean easy linkage to the actual statute itself for you to access, read and consider. By following such a procedure or protocol, you can take notes and write questions when you come face to face with your choice of lawyer.

       So, welcome again and I'm hoping that in some way it will contribute something to your life.

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Elmer H.. Young

Elmer H. Young has been practicing for more than 45 years and employs his advanced level forensic training in high-level sex crimes and capital felony cases.


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