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Elmer's Sex Education Efforts

Compare Elmer's recent, voluntary annual personal efforts toward continuing his legal education to that of other sex-crime lawyers. Twelve hours per year is all that is required of lawyers in Georgia. Going the extra mile for his clients is the right thing to do.

Sex- related legal matters:

                  GPDC- DNA Seminar- Georgia State Bar-Oct, 2019Atlanta, Ga.

                  DNA Basics

                  DNA Discovery

                  DNA Transfer

                  DNA-Making Sense out of DNA Reports
                  DNA Motions and Litigation

                  DNA Statistical Analysis

                  DNA- Probablistic Genotyping- TrueAllele Process

                  ACDLA- Cell Tower Seminar- Augusta, Georgia, Sept., 2019

     National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers:

     1.“Best of the Best”, Series:

     2.“Organizing Themes & Theory in Voir Dire”-Lisa Wayne

     3.“Fighting Government Witness Tampering”- Kevin Sali

     4.“Questioning Sex Offense Medical Findings”-Collette Tvedt

  1. “ Using Jury DeSelection to Find Right Jurors”- Fernando Fryre
  2. “Voir Dire In Violent Crime Cases”- Richard Kammen
  3. “ Brady Vs. Maryland: How to Make the Government Comply”-deVlaing
  4. “Preparing for Sentencing”- Jennifer Sellitti
  5. “Strike for Cause Voir Dire Method”- Robert Swafford
  6. “ Cutting-edge Motions to Supress eye-witness ID”- Deja Vishny

     11.“Impeachment”- Jason Downs

  1. “Jury Selection in the #ME TOO era”- Dyke Huish
  1. National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

“ Jazzin” Up you Jury”- National Seminar

  1. “Who hates my Tune?” Jury Deselection- Fernando Freyre
  2. “ Organizing Themes and Theory in Voir Dire” -Lisa Wayne
  3. “Challenges For Cause”- Colette Tvedt
  4. “Riffing on Race: De-Selecting for Bias”- Martin Sabelli
  5. “Developing your Reprise”- Lisa Mathewson
  6. “Voir Dire When Science is in Your Case”- Jerome Buting
  7. “Swing Like a Big band on a Jug Budget”- Marissa Elkins
  8. “Current State of Social Science and Jury Selection”- Kelli Childress
  9. “ The 15 Minute Voir Dire”-Dan Ambrose

     10 “Composing a Story for All Tastes”-Jeff Sherr

  • “ Set up a knockdown when Blue isn't True” -Ian M. Wallach
  • “ Panel: Intersection of Voir Dire and Ethics”-Alvsarado, Campbell& Smolar
  • “Ethical Persuading and Picking a Jury” – Jay Clark
  • “Finding Jurors in a Child Sex Case”- Kathleen Stilling

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers-

“Defending the Unthinkable” Strategies for Litigating Charges of Child Sexual Abuse. National Seminar

  1. ‘Preparing yourself for a Child sexual Assault Case”-Kathleen Stilling
  2. “Motion Practice in a Child Sex Case”- Stilling and Bunting
  3. “ Child Interviews”- Ann Dell Duncan
  4. “Developing You Theme and Theory”- Keith Belzer
  5. “ Voir Dire: Discussing Sex Offenses with Jurors”- Richard Kammen
  6. “ Preparing Your Client” -Keith Belzer
  7. “ Cross- Examining of a Child Complaintant”- Sherrie B. Carter
  8. “ Dealing With Experts”- Mark I. Stanziano
  9. ‘Forensic Evidence”- Jones, Rossman, Hartmen & Alexander
  • “ Mitigation and Sentencing” – Andrew Savage, III

National Association of Criminal Lawyers, National Seminar- Oct.2018

“Zealous Advocasy in Sexual Assault and Child Victims Cases”,

  1. “ Pre-post Charging Negotiations”- Blair Berk and Lenard Levine
  2. “Creative Motions”- Mike Klinkosum
  3. “ Voir Dire in Sex Assault Cases”- William O. James, Jr.
  4. “Visual Demonstrations”- Stephen P. Lindsey
  5. “ How Far is too Far?”- John Wesley Hall
  6. “ Training Your Expert”- Laurie Brodie & Dr. Veronica A. Thomas
  7. “Forensic Analysis of SANE Examinations”- Laure Schille
  8. “Theme Development” Keith Belzer
  9. “Defending Juveniles Facing Sex Offenses”- Brad A. Meryhew
  • “#cyberoffenses:Psychological Context of Illegal Online”- Delmonico
  • “Lawyer “How-to” Approach to dealing with DNA- Jefferey Thoma
  • “ Handling High-Profile Cases”- Marie Henein
  • “it's Not All About the Pics” – Don Vifer

National Association of Criminal Lawyers, National Seminar,

Suppress It! Litigating 4th Amendment Rights

  1. “Close Encounters of the Worst Kind”- Bridget Krouse
  2. “ Cell Towers I: The Science and the Law”- Larry Daniel
  3. ‘ Cell Towers II: The Science and the law”-Andrew Northup
  4. “ Litigating Consent and Coersion in Searches”-David Baugh
  5. “ Bio-Metric Data”- Jennifer Lynch
  6. “ Challenging Computer Warrant Searches”- Prof. Orin S. Kerr
  7. “ Ethics: 4A Waivers and other Plea Terms” -John w. Hall
  8. “ Supreme Court Update: - Al Menaster
  9. “ Litigating DNA & Bodily Fluids”- Anne Bleyman
  10. “ Darknets on the Edge of Town”- Michael J. Lacopio
  • “ Where the Magic Happens”- Jennifer Sellitti
  1. “Frontiers in Warrantless Surveillance”- Blasé Kearney
  2. “ Racial profiling and the 4th Amendment”- Juval Scott

Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Bi-Annual Seminar:

Doug Peter's, “Defense of the  Child Molestation Case in Georgia”, March 2018. Atlanta, Georgia.

  1. Preliminary Considerations
  2. Investigations
  3. Discovery
  4. Statute of Limitations
  5. Creation of “Fair” Atmosphere for Trial
  6. Theories of Defense
  7. Child Hearsay Statute- 24-8-820
  8. Child Competency
  9. Confrontation of the child witness
  • Statements made for Medical Diagnosis or Treatment
  1. The Psychiatric/ Psychological Issues
  2. Child Abuse Protocol
  3. The State's Medical Expert
  4. The Defendant's Medical Expert
  • Rape-Shield Statute
  1. Admissibility of Pornographic and Sexual Paraphernalia
  2. Computer Exploitation and Travelor Sex Cases
  3. Similar Transactions
  • Character Witnesses
  • Shaken-Baby Syndrome- Metabolic Disorders
  • Requests to Charge and Lesser Included Offenses

This approximate 90 hrs. represent the training and course-work completed and for which CLE Credit is available to Mr. Young for 2017 and 2019 to date. Travel costs, hotel accommodations and course materials expenses for this education would be estimated at around $10,000. This detailed breakdown has only been provided for the past two years of his career. Information as to other training and education is available.

Honors & Recognition

Mr. Young's success in obtaining non-DUI dispositions in his DUI/DWI cases has earned him the respect of his peers and clients alike. He has earned a LegalMatch Five-Star rating and a coveted 10 Avvo Rating. His high ratings reflect his ability to help his clients.