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Elmer Looks at Georgia Laws and it's Courts

Posted by Elmer H.. Young | Dec 07, 2019 | 0 Comments

            The laws of Georgia are all related. These laws relate to the thousands of ways that humans relate to one another. In as many ways as one can imagine human to human, human to animal, human to the environment contact, there is likely a law out there that covers it. In my 45 plus years of law practice, I've heard it said that society would benefit if there was called a legislative “special session” just to repeal all the laws that are outdated and never enforced, but still on the “books” just in case it needed to be thrown at someone. 

            I've also heard it said that it is difficult for a law-abiding citizen to go through a day, minding his own business, without violating some law out there, somewhere written that none of us even know about it but are presumed to know ! I don't know about all that, but I do know, people violate laws and when they do they get into trouble. That's also where lawyers, yep, I'm one of them, come into the picture.

            All the laws of the state of Georgia can be found in the OFFICIAL CODE OF GEORGIA ANNOTATED” or O.C.G.A., for short. Each area of law is the assigned a Chapter Number, Paragraph Number and Section Number. So, as shown below, the crimes involving sex (Thought you'd like that subject) can be found in O.C.G.A, Chapter 16, Paragraph 6, section 1. Access to the complete Georgia Code can be found on the Internet free of any charge.

            BE CAREFUL! It is most important, however to confirm that you are reading the most current edition as the Official Code of Georgia Annotated changes EVERY year. Sometimes in drastic ways. One other thing, use great caution when reading the code and attempting to interpret what a particular section might “MEAN?” Interpreting what a particular law means has been the mainstay of lawyers throughout history. Whether it means this or that or something else altogether has caused all the lawsuits and legal disputes during all of history, including Biblical times.

Another thing that has endured though out this entire period has been the selection of certain, supposedly wise individuals to be the “judges”, who would settle these disputes and thereby cause less blood to be spilt in the streets. That tradition has been handed down to modern times. Today, that function has been continued, but with greater degrees of confusion, and for sure greater volume, it seems.

            In the 159 counties of Georgia, some gal or guy seeking some justice in his or her life, might go to the Internet and search for courts with judges in their part of the woods. Even in the smallest darkest, driest, poorest, little county of Taliaferro, located  just off Interstate 20 and only a hundred or so years back down the road, even it would find no less than three: The Magistrate, the Probate, Juvenile and the Superior Courts. In some counties, superior court judges may sit as Juvenile court judges. For those of you counting,  it's around 477 very local county judges at a minimum, because some larger counties have more than one judge seated in each court.  Somewhere, maybe nearby or not so close there will also be U.S. District Court (Life-time appointments) handling federal matters occurring in that county. Now that doesn't the judges sitting in the few hundred municipal (city) courts,  mind you.

            In larger counties, you will have all of the above, but you might find State Courts, Juvenile Courts, Business Courts, DUI Courts, Drug courts, Veterans Courts and a myriad of various-named courts with judges making daily decision affecting the lives of the citizens who live there.

            Now for the big stuff. In Fulton County, the county seat of our state capital, you will also the several judges each seated in the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Georgia and the 11th Circuit Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (Also life-time appointments). These courts exist, at least in some large part to correct the mistakes all these other judges make in the lower courts. These courts, set people free, grant new trials, reverse billion dollar judgements and disbar dishonest lawyers and judges. I'm sure you already know we have to go to Washington, D.C. to find our U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. Last count there were nine, LIFE-TIME appointments to that court.

            Safe to say then,  that tax-payers in Georgia are supporting somewhere around 1,000 full-time judges state, county and municipal judges along with their staffs, furnishings and courthouses to give them somewhere nice to work, right? Oh, did I mention their retirement accounts? 

So, in case of any doubt, it would be best to seek the advice of local counsel maybe Elmer H. Young, Attorney at Law. I have offices in Augusta, Savannah, but I have cases pending all over the state of Georgia. Whatever, Hire the best advice you can afford.

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Elmer H. Young has been practicing for more than 45 years and employs his advanced level forensic training in high-level sex crimes and capital felony cases.


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