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Cruelty to Children Charges

Posted by Elmer H.. Young | Jun 07, 2019 | 0 Comments

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In the State of Georgia, the crime of cruelty to children involves acts or inactions which deprive a child of their basic needs for survival that jeopardize their well-being. These acts may involve abandonment, neglect, or specific acts which cause the child mental or physical harm. Typically, the crime of cruelty to children is broken into three categories: first degree, second degree, and third degree. At Elmer H. Young, Attorney At Law, we provide the aggressive defense of all charges involving cruelty to children.

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Degrees of Cruelty to Children Charges

There are many different acts which can be categorized as cruelty to children, which is what makes this crime so complex. It is important that you speak with a lawyer right away who can explain your charges and ensure you understand your rights. The exact charges placed against you will likely be decided by a number of factors, such as how much danger or harm to the child was exposed to and if there were aggravating factors.

Cruelty to children is broken into the following categories:

  • First-degree: Intentionally causing a child harm, putting their well-being or health in danger, or depriving them of their basic survival needs.
  • Second-degree: Intentionally or willfully committing an act of negligence which causes mental or physical pain in excess.
  • Third-degree: Allowing a child to witness an act of violence, including a felony act, family violence, or other crime.

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