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Child Molestation Charges

Posted by Elmer H.. Young | Jun 07, 2019 | 0 Comments

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Allegations of any type of sex crime are aggressively pursued by the prosecution. Those which involve crimes against children are one of the most serious types of sexual offenses and are prosecuted harshly. Child molestation is any type of sexual activity which is committed against or engaged in with an individual who is under the age of 14. This crime carries heavy consequences, including registration as a sex offender for life. At Elmer H. Young, Attorney At Law, we offer experienced representation to individuals like yourself who have been accused of child molestation and other sex crimes.

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Building a Strong Defense Strategy for Your Case

There are many different reasons and circumstances in which a child molestation accusation can be made, including those which occur during divorces and custody disputes. It is vital that you choose an Georgia child molestation attorney who can see where allegations may be coming from and search for evidence to support your case.

A few examples of the defense strategies which may be appropriate for your case include:

  • A parent of the child coerced them to say they were molested
  • You have no connection to the child and had an alibi
  • The child mistakenly identified you

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If you were arrested for a sex crime like child molestation, it is essential that you hire a firm that is ready to do the work. Winning a case involving charges of child molestation requires thorough investigative and defense skills. We know that the charges against you are serious and cannot be taken lightly and we are committed to providing you with the representation you deserve.

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